Delivery Services

Getting your deliveries on time and to the correct location is essential and something we take great care in. Fast accurate order processing, recording and delivery of your order eliminates any headaches for you or your staff, allowing business to run without interruptions. 

To get your order to its destination on time we utilize our own vans & personnel as well as reputable couriers, keeping your costs to a minimum. Freight arrangements are negotiable depending on your needs and location



In line with today’s busy lifestyles, high productivity and efficiency are essential to keep up with the demand. This will almost always require the use of machinery, whether big or small. Machinery breakdowns result in unwanted down time and down time costs money, clients and ultimately lost business.

At Kleenmart we offer a full-service repair workshop with fully qualified technicians to get your machine back onto the job quickly.

The workshop offers regular maintenance, quality repairs and test & tagging. 

Make Kleenmart your first call for all your service and spare parts needs.



Staff are vital to any business. They are what you rely on to get the job done and get it done right. This is where our on-site training can become a valuable service to make sure your staff are at their very best and complient with all industry standards.

The cleaning industry is becoming more and more a skilled workforce than ever before. Knowledge such as safety with chemicals and equipment, getting the best performance from chemicals and equipment or how to protect and clean without causing damage are all basic required skills that allow you to carry out jobs to the highest standard, ensuring your customers and clients are satisfied the first time and every time.

For more information on what training options we can offer please contact and we can assess what best suits your needs.